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Non-Stop Travel & photography
November 2006 I quit my job as financial director and made a 10 month journey around the world. People called me crazy, but it was my best decision untill then. In this 10 months I travelled through 25 countries on 5 continents.

After returning to the Netherlands I quickly realised that living out of a backpack brought out the best in me. I had loved it. I started an international career as project controller. My Dutch employer sent me to projects around the world. In my spare time I got my backpack out of the suitcase and travelled to new places. Along the way I started a hobby: photography.

In July 2015 I made another bold move. I quit my job again for another long travel.

After handing over my project in Kazakhstan I’ll exchange my suitcase for a backpack. At least 8 months I’ll be on the road and visit amongst others the only remaining continent I haven’t been: Antarctica.

If you want to contact me or buy pictures please do so via one of the links on my home page.

Rene Baars

Kazakhstan, August 2015

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